You will be moved

KiK Innovation is a nimble, adaptable enterprise focused on innovation. We’re passionate brand stewards, entrepreneurial business and organizational developers and a creative tribe with a history of proven client success.

Strategy and Creative

We are a full-service marketing company that is boundless 
and tireless in our pursuit of client momentum.

We do our best work, and are most passionate about our clients’ business when we are sitting with them as equals around the meeting table, making strategic decisions together. This realization on our part has driven a change in most of our working relationships.

More than a simple term for how we approach contract work and deeper than collaboration, at KiK partnership is a core value. We believe it is the ideal way to work together to achieve uncommon results — both internally at KiK, and externally with your team as a more connected ‘in-sourced’ part of your business.

Partnership is a mutually advantageous relationship where each partner contributes distinct and specialized skills, brings unique experience and holds pivotal expertise. We’re better together.

Partnership is an environment where common values such as trust and respect create space for passionate and transparent debate. In this incubator of innovation the ‘status quo’ must continually validated so that ever better ideas and processes can be born, realized and thrive.

Partnership is a promise where the very act of choosing and committing to work together allows us to envision and realize ever-expanding  possibilities and achieve outstanding results. Continually evolving the way the two partners engage is equally important to the success of the product or outcomes because this ensures the relationship remains vibrant and strong.

Our Team Leaders and core Innovation Team, our transformative process, and our thinking are the engine that drives our clients’ market performance, evolution and winning results.