Our Team Leaders


Kristen Lynch,

Marketing Strategist/Principal

Prior to the launch of KiK Innovation, Kristen Lynch was the owner of KiK Strategy, an independent strategic marketing consultancy working collaboratively with entrepreneurs, executives, senior management teams and pivotal stakeholders in a broad range of organizations, across multiple industries and disciplines to create powerful, living brand solutions. Lynch is a specialist, skilled at leading internal teams through a systematized approach towards the development and implementation of transformative and measurable branding, marketing, product and systems innovation initiatives.

Following all this, she provides ongoing stewardship, empowering these same groups along with their staff, business partners (and even supplier teams) towards sustainability, through the planning and execution of business-to business, corporate and channel communications, research, website development, advertising campaigns, fundraising, capital campaigns, government and media relations, media planning, event marketing, and brand-driven recruitment initiatives.

A graduate of Red River Community College’s respected Creative Communications program, she is a versatile thinker, having also worked in the corporate and advertising industries, design and production industries, and the broadcast media. Kristen’s career in marketing now spans over 25 years.

Robert Coté,

Creative Director/Principal

Before creating KiK Innovation, Robert was the owner and creative director of Blindside Creative and is responsible for project management, creative direction, design, and development.

A graduate of Red River Community College’s Advertising Art program (now Graphic Design), Robert’s career spans over 20 years with a variety of work experience. For a designer, he has unique expertise in three major areas of professional communications: strategic marketing/branding; creative development/design; and execution/production. Working as a designer for a small firm in the early 90’s taught him the independence and skill to take on many different kinds of projects with limited budgets and time lines. Moving into Senior Designer and Creative Director roles with several premier communication and marketing firms allowed him to explore the benefits of creative collaboration, teamwork, planning, exploration and strategy on a larger scale.

Today, Robert’s fine attention to detail is essential to the quality and success of the print- and web-based marketing tools KiK develops in order to help our clients to realize and achieve their communications and marketing goals.

Robert Coté is a Certified Graphic Designer with the Society of Graphic Designers 
of Canada